TARGET AND TONE part three
TARGET AND TONE part three
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Working With Claudia. Pt. 2
The final few minutes of part 1.
Working With Claudia. Pt. 1

Behind the Scenes while on location shooting our workout videos.

Kathy & Claudia Arm Workout

What some are saying about this ARM WORKOUT...I have used this tape four weeks now, twice a week with 5 lb. weights, and it still isn't easy to do. My arms and shoulders feel worked! There are three sets of each exercise, which actually work my muscles to fatigue. I really like how this combination of exercises works all three aspects of the deltoids, as well as the upper back, chest and arms. And...This is one of the best, thorough, workouts for women's arms. It will clearly define your arms. It will give you strength in lifting and daily work. The workout lasts about 40 minutes but goes fast and does not have to be done every day to see results.

Kathy Kaehler - Total Body Workout DVD

Hey There! I'm the celebrity fitness trainer you've seen with Kim Kardashian on Keepin' Up with the Kardashians. I also did countless exercises with Katie Couric on the NBC Today Show and worked out with many other Hollywood celebs. Now I want to share this dynamic workout with you. (I filmed this in my house when I lived in Hidden Hills, Ca. where Kim K. and Kris Jenner still live.) It will help burn fat and get you fit in as little as 10 minutes a day. Complete your own combination of the 10 min. workouts each day or complete the entire 60 min. routine 3 x's a week.

Create your own workout routine to keep you motivated and not bored with doing the same exercises.

Come join me and do the workouts I've done with my celebrity clients.

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Kathy Kaehler Fitness System

Get my “Oldie” but “Goodie” step workout in DVD or stream it. It features my favorite clients: Justin Bateman, Julianne Phillips, Penelope Ann Miller, Beverly D’Angelo, Tawny Kitaen and Jami Gertz. 100 minutes of exercise, including cardio, weights, body sculpting floor work & stretching. You get it all. I've received countless requests to make this available on DVD. I listened and it's now available to buy the hard copy or download it so you can do it anytime, anywhere.

*KKFS DVD- $29.99 with shipping and handling included. Free shipping and handling on USA orders only.

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Kathy Kaehler Step Class

STEP CLASS. A true class of mine with all my friends stepping along with me. Come join us and sweat, tone and tighten your whole body.

Kathy Kaehler Fit Kids

Fit Kids is great fun workout for kids and a wonderful way for kids to get fit and stay fit! Five minutes a day or 25 minutes a day! Kids and parents can do one segment or more! All three of my kids are in this workout video. I can't believe they are grown men now. But they all have found ways to stay fit from the early discovery of movement. Toss this in, in between gaming, homework or a fun activity to do with mom. Guarantee you will have a laugh.

Kathy Kaehler Total Fitness

Total Body workout. This workout has seven 5 minute segments that will tone tighten strengthen your body. Do them all at once or break it up throughout your week. All I need is you, a spot in your house and let's go!

Body Beautiful created by Kathy Kaehler

I teamed up with Kim Kardashian before she was a household name for a super fun workout. Filmed in her first store Dash in Calabasas, Ca. These are all exercises anyone can do and ones I did with her mom Kris Jenner, who was also one of my clients. Lunges, squats, stretching, arm work and more.

Kathy Kaehler - Get Fit

This GET FIT workout is 60 minutes. You can tone and shape your entire body! Increase your endurance, burn tons of calories! Cardio, strength, flexibility.